🎴 a tankana fanzine🌸

an upcoming fanzine dedicated to the romantic pair of tanjiro and kanao of KNY! 🎴🌸

preorders now open!
january 1st - february 14th, 2022 UTC-03:00


effervescence has two meanings: bubbles that float up in the air or water, a likeness to kanao's fondness for soap bubbles and ramune where she finds her simple joys; and filled with life and vigour, a reflection of tanjirou's sunny and contagious high spirits.

this zine will focus on the idea that every moment spent with you is what makes life beautiful.

pieces of this zine will be presented in a treasure box format.


interest check || march 15-31, 2021
mod apps || april 5 - april 25, 2021
mod e-mails || april 30, 2021
contributor apps || may 16 - june 16, 2021
contributor e-mails || june 18-20, 2021
idea check-in || june 27, 2021
first check-in || july 11, 2021
second check-in || august 8, 2021
third check-in || september 12, 2021
final check-in || october 10, 2021
pre-orders || january 1 - february 14, 2022
shipping || may - june 2022

Last Updated: April 30, 2021


effervescence: a tankana zine is the first-ever fanzine revolving around kimetsu no yaiba’s kamado tanjiro and tsuyuri kanao pair. The project is set to be produced by november to december 2021 and shipped out by december 2021 to january 2022.

what is the zine’s theme?

the zine will focus on the idea that "every moment spent with you is what makes life beautiful". It will be presented as a treasure box—a collection of moments and memories shared by both tanjiro and kanao over their years of togetherness. Pieces for this zine will primarily be set in the taisho/canon-compliant era, the kimetsu gakuen era, and in modern AUs.

literary pieces will range from stories and anecdotes, to poems, to letters and the like. art pieces can be photographs of time spent together, comic strips, and similar. merchandise and their designs will also adhere to the overarching theme.
how will the zine be presented?

Ii will be presented in both a physical and digital format, A5-sized. the language used will be english.
what will the zine be rated?

this will be an SFW zine. all work will be for the consumption of the general public, with a PG-13 maximum rating. similarly, problematic tropes (such as minor-adult, student-teacher, incestual, and abusive relationships) and the like will not be allowed.

as such, contributors as young as 13 years old are welcome to join. this is, however, the minimum age we’ll allow as part of our team. the age restriction is in accordance with the minimum age requirement imposed by most social media accounts.
how much will the zine cost?

the cost of the zine will be released at the later time. we will be creating digital and physical bundles for pre-orders in the fourth quarter of the year.

the zine will be partly for-profit and partly for-charity, split in a 30-70 ratio, respectively.
which organization will this project be donating to?

as of the moment, we have prospects as to which organization to donate to. the moderators will decide on the organization and release this to the public before contributor applications.
where will this be hosted?

we have set up a discord server to host this project. the link to this will be sent to contributors during the acceptance phase.
will there be guest contributors for the zine?

yes, there will be guest contributors. once the mod team is complete, we’ll start inviting our guests.
how many contributors will you be accepting?

the final number of merchandise artists, page artists, and writers will be dependent on the number of applicants. the total team will have a maximum of 40 members.
can i include other characters?

of course! we acknowledge that tanjiro and kanao’s relationship may flourish because of the characters around them. as long as your work has tanjiro and kanao as its main characters, and follows the general theme, all other characters are welcome.
what universe will pieces of the zine be set in?

the zine will primarily be set in three universes: taisho/canon-compliant, kimegaku, and modern AU. should a contributor want to take the theme and universe and put their own special twist to their piece, such will be welcome.
how long will the project last?

concept check-in will be on june 27 while the final check-in will be on october 10, 2021. more details can be found in the schedule portion of this file.
how will contributors be compensated?

contributors will be given a free copy of the PDF file and a physical copy of the zine, as well as their share of monetary profit. merchandise artists will also receive the merchandise they designed.

if the budget allows, we contributors will receive a free full bundle, which includes the physical zine and all regular merchandise. As of now, early-bird merchandise will not be included in the merchandise bundles.
can we apply for more than one contributor position?

yes! however, please be informed that applicants will only be chosen for one position.

application guidelines


the zine will revolve around memories created and shared between tanjiro and kanao. these memories will not be limited to canon-only events, but also to the kimegaku universe and a modern-era universe.

applications that do not follow the guidelines listed below will immediately be rejected.

applications open in may 2021



page artists will be expected to produce at least one new artwork for this project. this can be either a) a two-page spread, b) one single-page illustration, c) a solo single-page plus a single-page illustration in collaboration with a writer, or d) a comic. We will take in all contributor applicants’ preferences prior to finalizing their assignments.

all pieces will be submitted as .png files. digital pieces will be in CMYK. traditional art will need to be scanned. the minimum quality required for this is 300dpi.

merchandise artists will be asked to produce at least two new merchandise sets. This can be a mix of physical and digital merchandise, only-physical merchandise, or only-digital merchandise. we will likewise take in all contributor applicants’ preferences prior to finalizing their assignments.

the sizes of these will be dependent on the selected merchandise. templates will be shared in a google folder once all merchandise has been finalized.

all assignments will be released during the e-mail roll-out.


🌸select 3-5 samples of your works that best showcase your talent. samples can be both from your published or unpublished repertoire. these samples must be linked through an online drive or platform.
🌸all content submitted must be in high resolution.
🌸submitted content must be entirely your own. this cannot be a collaboration with another artist or partially traced.
🌸inclusion of at least one demon slayer: kimetsu no yaiba artwork is strongly recommended, but is not required.
🌸all artworks submitted must be SFW.
🌸a link to your extended portfolio for our reference is also to be provided. this can be your instagram, deviantart, google drive folder, etc.

for page artists
🌸at least two (2) of your selected works must have backgrounds.

for merch artists
🌸at least 2 samples of your work must be complete merch pieces.



writers will be expected to produce at least one new or unpublished piece. this, however, can be a piece which is part of an existing series. the word count for all pieces will be set between 1,500 to 2,500 words.

pieces need not be stories either. you can submit poems, song lyrics, scripts and other pieces in all literary forms as long as all pieces total to a maximum of 2,500 words.


🎴select three (3) samples of your work between 1,500-2,500 words each. samples can be both from your published or unpublished repertoire. these samples must be linked through an online drive or platform.
🎴at least one (1) submission should be a completed piece/one-shot/poem. samples may be excerpts of longer works. do ensure that these excerpts can still stand as complete pieces without the context of the whole piece it is part of.
🎴inclusion of at least one demon slayer: kimetsu no yaiba artwork is strongly recommended, but is not required.
🎴all written work submitted must be SFW.
🎴a link to your extended portfolio for our reference is also to be provided. this can be your ao3, ffn, google drive folder, etc.



in this particular zine, we will be asking some of our artists to collaborate with our writers. they will be asked to complete either a single-page illustration, spot illustration, or both if their time allows. we’ll be posting a list of writers and a list of artists who are assigned to collaborations in the “collaboration” channel of our discord server.

only after the writer’s ideas have been approved will the collaboration pairs be set. we will allow for a week for writers and artists to pair themselves up on the initiative of either the artist or the writer. the moderators will only pair contributors up if they do not manage to find a pair within the allotted time.



kimegakuen AU

modern AU